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I created this LJ to talk about certain books/movies, writing, and, at times, various other subjects, however briefly. I almost never post (and these days, I'm leaning toward never), but I do check my friends page every so often. Comment if you feel like adding me.

Update: I cleaned out a bunch of old entries, but I haven't quite disappeared, even though my journal is now empty.
'60s music, 1950s, 1960s, abnormal psychology, accents, alternative medicine, animals, archaic phrases and colloquialisms, architecture, astrology, astronomy, beta reading, beta-reading, billy joel, blues, book recommendations, book reviews, books, bridges, brooklyn, cats, celtic music, celtic mythology, cemeteries, classic rock, cognitive science, colors, comedy, cooking, creative writing, cupcakes, dance, dark tower, dialects, doctor zhivago, donovan, dr. horrible, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, dr. seuss, edgar allan poe, egyptian mythology, emily dickinson, engineering, england, essays, etymology, fairy tales, fanfiction, fiction, fiction writing, folk music, folk rock, forensic psychology, forgotten new york, four brothers, free verse, friday night lights, gardening, garrett hedlund, glitter, greek mythology, group dynamics, harry potter, healing, herbal medicine, historical fiction, history, industrial age, ireland, jim croce, jim morrison, language, languages, latin, learning, libraries, m*a*s*h, making jewelry, museums, music, musicals, mythology, natural healing, nature, newsboys, oldies, people watching, philosohpy, philosophy, photography, pirates of the carribean, poetry, poetry in prose, politics, prose, psychedelic rock, psychology, quantum mechanics, queen, quotes, reading, records, se hinton, simon & garfunkel, simon and garfunkel, sixties, sociology, soldiers, stephen king, story ideas, tea, the 1800s, the 80's, the outdoors, the outsiders, the things they carried, the vietnam war, tim o'brien, urban decay, useless knowledge, wolves, writers, writing, writing discussion, writing tips, young adult fiction, young adult novels